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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday March 23rd, 2008 *HAPPY EASTER *Today were pleased to announce the completion of the installation of our final Nest Box in Yacolt Washington.

Sunday March 23rd, 2008 *HAPPY EASTER !

Yacolt resident's Lisa & Glenn Welker.

Proud to show off the; Were Number 1 Sign!

Glenn & Lisa Welker of Yacolt Washington

The Welker's are the proud owners of the first completed Nest platform, installed by ;
Northwest Bird Rescue Inc. & Long List of Friends, Bird Groups, & Associates.

Here are a few names;

Volunteers and Sponsors ;
A very special thank you to the sponsors for a day’s fuel for each Nest Platform.

Sponsor of Nest # 1 - Lee Ratcliffe ‏and Marlene Azar

Sponsor of Nest # 2 & 3– Alison Evans- Fragale
(Founder of) Edgewater
Sponsor of Nest # 4 – Linda Mc Coy
(Founder of) avianprotectionleague.comAlison Evans Fragale (Founder) of

Donna Dwyer; (Founder) of

Marc Johnson ; (Founder) of
Foster Parrots Ltd.

Jon~Marc Davey; (Founder) of &

Author of; Parrots in the City.

In Defense for Animals, International (IDA) [Portland, Oregon]
- Matt Rossell

- Connie Durkeau.

Macaw Landing of
- Jack Devine

Love Your Pet - Vancouver, Washington
- Tracy Nichols
- Pete Rosengreen

Northwest Bird Rescue & Adoption Orphanage Inc.

Kamiko Akioka
- Beth Archer

- Andrew Cyders
- Chris Dahelnburg
- Kory Dearborne
- Marcus Frazer
- Brenda Gilliland
- Luis Lowensberry
- Garth Noggle
- Mike Schultz
- Nancy Soukup
- Nathan Stonebreaker

Avian Medical Center [Lake Oswego, Oregon]
- Dr. Marti Litner, D.V.M. - & Staff
- Kelly, Behaviorist

American Wildlife Foundation [Molalla, Oregon]
- Dr. Janet Ackermann, D.V.M. - & Staff

Emergency Vet Services [Vancouver, Washington]

East Mill Plain Animal Hospital [Vancouver, Washington]
Facility of ; VAC Inc.

- Dr. Judd Witherspoon D.V.M. - & Staff

Parrot 911 Alert [Vancouver, Washington]

PetCo Foundation Steve Goodwin [Portland Oregon]

Lowe’s Hardware [Vancouver Washington]

Park Rose Hardware True Value [Vancouver]

Best Buy Stores Inc. [Hazel Dell, Washington]

Subway Sandwiches [Vancouver Washington]

Chris’ Integrity Repair Services Inc. [Hazel Dell, Washington]

United Rentals of Vancouver

Chris Kelly Greg Hoole
And Staff

Able Fence Company [Vancouver Washington]

Creek Side Painting [Vancouver, Washington]